Easter is much more than bunny's, eggs, family lunch, and pastel colors. It is the celebration of the turning point in human history.

It is when life overcame death.

When hope cast out DESPAIR. 

When pain gave way to healing.

You are invited to come experience the power of Easter!


FALLS CITY 11a   *   MONMOUTH 9:20 & 11a

What to expect

What should I wear?

Clothes...but seriously. It gets real awkward otherwise. Besides that, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

What about my kids?

We love kids and we'd love for you to bring yours. You can either use our secure check in system to get your kids in to one of our safe and secure  rooms for an age appropriate lesson. If you'd prefer, you can keep your kids with you. We even have a "cry room" if your kids need a bit of room to move and make noise.  

When should I get there and when will It be over?

Think of it like a movie; although you're welcome anytime, for the full experience plan to arrive about 10 minutes early. 65 minutes and you'll be off to lunch.

Will I be called out as a guest?

No! We will not make you stand, raise your hand, or even nod your head. We'd love to get to know you, but the pace is up to you.

What happens when I LOVE my experience? (We know you will.)

We have services every Sunday at the same times and small groups throughout the week. We'd love to see you back. A great place to start is by filling out the connect card (Don't worry, you'll know what it is when you get here.) on a Sunday morning.

What if I have more questions?

We'd love to answer any questions you have and even connect with you. Click on one of the buttons below to connect with us.