We are excited to meet you!

visiting can be scary,
but we'd love to help make it a bit less scary for you.

We are honored that you would consider spending a Sunday morning at MCC. We love this place and these people and believe you will too.

It is our desire to make this experience the best possible experience for you and your family. If you would take a moment and fill out the info below we will connect with you to help plan your visit and arrange for someone to meet you at the door and help show you around. 

A bit further down you'll find a couple tidbits of info that may help answer some questions you may have.

Name *

Where do you meet?

959 Church St. West in Monmouth. We’d give you directions, but we know you’ll just ask your phone anyways.

When do you meet?

We meets 9:20 and 11a. Both services are identical with the addition of our Jr/Sr High meeting during the 11a.

What about kids?

We offer great age appropriate experiences for kids at all of services from birth to elementary. Security is important to us, so before we put your kid in a class we’ll ask you to go to one of our check in stations. Checking in your kid will make sure we have all the important information to make sure they are safe during their time with us and that they get back to the right adults at the end of service.

It is also always ok to opt to keep your kids with you. We even have a "cry room" if you've got a little one who needs some space to move around, but you don't want to miss out. You’ll find the “cry room” off the left side of the auditorium.

What do I wear?

Clothes...The rest is up to you.

Since I'm new will I be pointed out?

No way! That would be super awkward, huh? We would never do that. We'd love to meet you. We'd love to connect with you. However, it will always be up to you to determine what you're comfortable with. One thing is for sure. No one will call you out.