In the face of the different

As of today we've all made it to Mexico.

It is a beautiful country. Not always for it scenery (as we look upon on of the largest refinery in Mexico) but for its people, it's culture. It's a country rich in heritage and tradition. The magnificent churches that dot the city are a small sign of the ethos of this place.

For all its beauty, fun and depth, if I'm going to be honest it can feel a bit odd at times. It can feel...wrong.

And that is just my point. Each of us are so steeped in a way of doing things, in a way of seeing things, that often the unfamiliar feels wrong. It becomes easy for us to talk in terms, then, of cultural issues as right and wrong.

However, I think when we think about it, wrong isn't what we mean. We don't mean to imply there is a moral value difference if you eat tacos on the shoulder of the highway or at Taco Bell; if we drive between the lines or if we drive on roads void of paint for decades. What we mean is that it's not like us.

And that's ok.

In fact it's more than ok, it is life giving.

When we experience life outside of our normal experiences we find a greater fullness of the human experience. Senses are stimulated that had become numb in our routine. Emotions become vibrant that once laid dormant in the mundane.

So next time you get a chance, press in to the discomfort. There you might find a part of life you'd been missing!

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