It's all about relationships

It's 5:30 AM. It's raining, because it's Oregon. I'm driving sparsely populated roads on my way to PDX. Today will consist of several hours in a car and thousands of mile by plane. Where I'm going is set to be in the 80s all week.

It's a missions trip and I'm excited

But not for the reasons you may think.

I'm excited because I get to go visit some friends with friends.

Missions should always be about friends. Ministry itself should always be about friends.

The bible begins with God, or as the author of Genesis says, "us." God is not alone. God (or as theologians say, the Godhead) is one, but three distinct persons. They existed in perfect community before anything was created. This, he built us the same, to be friends. In fact, he evens invites us to be friends with him. Jesus says, "I call you friend."

It really is all about relationships; about friendships. This whole thing is about redeeming and restoring broken relationships between us, God and others.

Sean Bitzer Lead pastor Monmouth Christian Church

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