You can change the future

I almost continually astounded by the weight our life has on the future of others. Whether it is in raising kids, or within your immediately family or through friends or even through unplanned moments of time like a car accident we have the ability to alter the future of other humans. You will leave an indelible mark on the lives of other humans. You, with your life, intended or not, has the ability to alter the future of generations yet to be born.


II Corinthians 7:14 says, "you have been given the ministry of reconciliation."

I have told often before a story of a couple that by a crazy series of events unexpectedly ended up in our Small Group. While attending that small group they experienced two life alter events. They accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and they had a son. It humbles me to imagine that that boy will grow up in a completely different home, in part because of their involvement in our Small Group. 

You have the ability to bring good, hope, joy and a future with your words and actions for men and women today and for generations to come.

...Or, to bring death, brokenness, bitterness and heartache.

Which will you choose?

Sean BitzerComment