A challenge...

Seth Godin is a prolific blogger. He began as a best selling author and has again gained recognition as a blogger; one of the most read in the world. In a recent podcast he challenged everyone to write a blog post every day. He contended that it is not for "them," but for you. In formulating 200-300 words a day of written text you will become a more articulate, and clear person. So, I am beginning that journey. It is my intention to spend a few minutes each day writing in this blog. 

Some Pastors set out sermon prep days. I'm not one of those Pastors. It may be a discipline that I someday learn, but it is not in line with the rhythm of my life now. Instead I do "buffet prep." I spend 30 minutes one morning prepping, then 2 hours the next afternoon. I sprinkle my prep throughout the week. It allows me to chew on a thought and come back at it fresh the next time. It also allows me to sprint for a short period of time in focussed study. With that, it is my intention to spend a little bit of time each day sharing a brief thought I have had in my sermon prep for the day. It may be helpful for you or just me. Either way...here it goes.

Sean BitzerComment