This Sunday is international go to church sunday

This Sunday is International Go To Church Sunday.

Did I just make that up?


Sure did.

But if you're reading this, it's not an accident.

And that means that for you, this Sunday really is International Go To Church Sunday. Bring your family. Bring your kids. Bring a friend.

What if this Sunday is the day everything changes for you? What if forming to church could be the answer to the thing you'e been looking for? You can wear whatever you want. Sit in the back. Drink coffee in the auditorium. (In fact, get a free one from us at the Espresso stand.) We won't judge you. (Actually we drink coffee in the auditorium too.) Just show up.

If you would rather us meet you at the the front door, save you a seat, help you get your kids check in to Kids Church, and give you a tour of the building, we would be happy to do that too.

Just shoot me an email at info@mymcc.cc and we'll get you set up.

Don't forget, it's International Go To church Sunday, and we're saving  seat for you. See you Sunday!

P.S. Seriously, email us at info@mymcc.cc and we'll get everything set up for you this Sunday. We can't wait to meet you.

Location and Service Times

Falls City - 11a -  233 S Main St, Falls City

Independence - 11a - 301 S. Main St, Independence

Monmouth - 9:20 & 11a - 959 Church St. West, Monmouth

While you're waiting why not take a test drive