Christmas Offering.jpg

Christmas is about giving.

It is hard to imagine a Christmas without the exchange of a single gift. Exchanging gifts is in fact the act we celebrate in Christmas. On Christmas we celebrate that God gave the gift of Jesus so that through Jesus giving himself as a gift we might find life and because of this he is worthy of every good gift, just as we see with the wisemen.

This year we are beginning a new tradition as a church in an attempt to remind ourselves and model for the world the true purpose of celebration at Christmas. Namely that Christ is the the true gift of Christmas. In response we are inviting you to give a gift to Christ this Christmas.

The most meaningful gifts you receive are those that resonate with your heart and your passions. The same is true of God. Near to the heart and passion of God are children. We want to give a gift that would demonstrate the love and care God has for children. For us this year that looks like two things.

1. Reclaiming a bare concrete slab as a playground for kids.

The concrete slab between the buildings was poured as an uncompleted attempt to build a space for youth and kids by the church that previously inhabited our building. We want to continue that initial dream by building a safe outdoor playground.

2. Establish a fund to help foster families as they transition children in to their homes.

Foster care can be unpredictable and move at a very quick pace. The transition of a new child in to a new family can be extremely stressful for everyone. It is our hope to create a fund that will be available to help foster families take care of some of the material needs they have while transitioning.

It is our hope and belief that the this project will; continue to strengthen our valuable kids ministry, be a blessing to families our community, and an honor to our God.

Please prayerfully considering giving this December. To give you can designate "Christmas Offering" in whatever medium you give or simply visit the link below to give quickly and securely online.